Clean and comfortable apartment at a serene location away from the bustles of busy traffic, yet not far from our daily needs....dream home with spacious indoors...most importantly, on time delivery with excellent service....always at our doorsteps whenever in need.. . Happy being here...
Most trustworthy brand in Calicut... Always wish to recommend to my friends.

Dr. Ahammed Naseem & family

When we first thought of owning our own little place in the world, it seemed a difficult task. The choices were many and the price range was vast. What made us finally decide upon Crescent builders were two main factors - their commitment and reliability in completing their projects on time and the location of their project Iris. And we are happy to say that crescent has not disappointed us. The dedication and approachability of their team has helped us in clearing all our doubts and the small teething issues. We are now the proud and happy owners of our own little home .. thank you to crescent builders

Dr.Krishnaprasad & family

Reliability of the builder was the most important point I considered before choosing my home. I found Crescent Builders reliable not only on timely completion but also for the quality of materials used . My inquiries revealed that the builder is still supporting projects they had completed years back . I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Crescent Builders.

Mr.Narayanan & family

I congratulate crescent builders on completing crescent tulip on time and when I visited the project everything exceeded my expectations particularly the finishes,recreation and swimming pool areas. EXCEPTIONAL!

Mr.Mubash Kachanchery & family

Trustworthy Transparent & Taxonomic.

Dr.Ranjith & family

Residing at Crescent Iris is very pleasing to our soul and soothing to our eyes,all our requirements are well taken care of.The apartments are very spaciously designed and well constructed. We have found happiness here.

Mr. Unnikrishnan & family

I am happy to vouch that a crescent home is always reasonably priced. Needless to say, my investment in a crescent home gave the maximum value for my hard earned money.

Dr. Salim & family

I always admire crescent builders' passion and commitment towards quality construction and usage of premium fittings which gives me peace of mind.

Mr. Nanda Kumar & family

When it comes to crescent, promises are made to be kept. I whole heartedly appreciate their capability to complete and handover home as promised, that too without compromising on quality.

Mr. N P Rajan & family

We are glad to be here. We 've been cherishing a blissful life in our crescent home since 1999. Thanks to crescent builder's efforts to assure our happiness. At our home, life is always a blissful experience.

Mr. Deepak & family

This is our second spell with Crescent Builders. First Crescent Gardens and now Crescent Kings Spear. Impeccable quality retained then and still. Thought out designs, approachable staff - right from the bottom rung till the management, ever ready to help out with your queries and issues (if you have any).
Price? Well, Quality at a reasonable price!!

Mr. Vipin Bhaskar

As a retired quality management professional myself, I would say that my expectations have been surpassed. I would say without hesitation that I made the right decision in choosing Crescent Builders and would recommend them without doubt to anybody interested in owning a quality apartment in Calicut.

Mr. Unnikrishnan


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